Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Official Launch of Crafty Cocina!

Here it is, people!! Just for you! My very own cooking & baking blog!  

Due to the overwhelming response I received from friends and family about my latest meals and recipes I decided to start a different blog from Crafty Gemini to keep my sewing/quilting projects separate from my cooking/baking stuff.  

This blog will feature random recipes that I invent, tweak, and otherwise play with in my kitchen.  I rarely follow recipes to the T.  I'm all about quick and spicy delicious....and yea, spicy meals.  I want to inspire you to cook!  Home-cooked meals do not have to be as complex and time consuming as people think.  I chase a baby around all day, teach four law classes per semester, run a business, one now two blogs, and have a house and a wonderful husband to take care of and I still find time to cook dinner just about every night.  I cook and bake virtually everything from scratch and have never had a tv dinner in my life! ewwww....gross.  

I challenge you to follow this blog and try some of my recipes and I promise it will be an eye-opener.  Cooking is easy and fun!

Following along is easy!  Simply subscribe to the blog on the right hand side of this screen. Just enter your email address and then check your email to verify your subscription via the confirmation email.  Be sure to check your spam folder because it can get lost in there sometimes.  If you do not confirm your subscription you will not receive email notifications about my new posts.

I have started off by including links under the tabs you see above for some recipes and cooking video tutorials I previously had on the Crafty Gemini blog.  

I will try to blog multiple times a week which I'm thinking shouldn't be too difficult for me because it's not like I won't have material.... I cook every day here! 

There is no recipe tonight because we are eating leftovers from last nights dinner....sorry.  But hey, be happy I spent all the little bit of free time I had today creating this blog, the banner, the design and fixing it up just for you!

I'll start again with a recipe tomorrow..... what am I going to cook for dinner tomorrow, you ask? HA.  I don't even know that yet.  I'll figure it out sometime tomorrow. 

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